Android Piano App Development Free Course for Beginners

About this Piano App Development Course:

App Development is a most powerfull skill. By learning this skill you can becom a successful in your Career.
In this Course You Will Build an Awesome Piano App From Scratch

By the numbers

Expertise level: Beginner Level

Understudies: 8246

Dialects: English

Subtitles: No

Talks: 40

Video: 5.5 all out hours

Description of this free Piano App Development Course:

Hi everybody and thank you for your advantage in this Android app Development Course!

On the off chance that you need to take in Piano App without any preparation, at that point this is the course for you!

Android improvement has a ton of incredible advantages, for example, a low obstruction to passage, ease to be a distributed designer, and obviously, having the option to run your manifestations on a huge number of gadgets.

This app Development course is a bit by bit measure that will show you how to build up a pleasant application that is a Piano App. The means are anything but difficult to follow inside the course which particularly causes the amateur to build up their first piano application. Additionally, on the off chance that you are a halfway engineer, at that point you can in any case try out this course, since you will get a few hints and deceives.

See Here Everything You Will Learn In This Complete Course:

Instructions to make custom Styles for your Android Apps that looks magnificent.

Instructions to utilize the SoundPool class to play a note.

Instructions to plan Complex XML Design for Android Apps.

Step-by-step instructions to record your code so that in future it tends to be effectively keep up with fewer endeavors.

This course additionally gives future updates :

At the point when I get the hang of something new, I add it to the course — at no extra expense to you! This is a course that will keep on adding increasingly more to each part of your life.

Indeed, even it is a free course yet, it contains heaps of novel thoughts and things identified with Android Programming.

Furthermore, Please leave important criticism or audit identified with this course. With the goal that it will help us in our forthcoming courses.

What you’ll realize in this free course:

You Will Learn Android Material Design.

You Will have Real World Complete Project.

Have a great time programming!

Are there any course necessities or essentials?

No earlier information or programming experience is expected to take our course! Bounce directly in!

Understudies will require a PC and web association for making Android Apps

Understudies should download Android Studio (a free downloadable programming) and should a few applications.

Have working android gadget for running application, Physical Android Device required, on the off chance that you don’t have, at that point you can even now enlist.

Who this free course is for:

This course for tenderfoots who need to build up their first piano application

You will figure out how to make custom Styles for your Android Apps that looks great.

You will figure out how to utilize the SoundPool class to play note.

You will figure out how to plan Complex XML Design for Android Apps.

You will figure out how to archive your code so that in the future it very well may be effectively keep up with fewer endeavors.

Substance of this App Development course:

Segment 1: Introduction

1. 1 Introduction
2. 2 Watch it first

Segment 2: 2 Create the Design of Piano App in XML
3. 3 Start the Designing of the Piano App

4. 4 Code the Drawable Resource records and afterward Apply on the Button

5. 5 Make Changes in Manifest record to run application in a Landscape mode

6. 6 Code the Custom Style for the remainder of the piano keys

7. 7 Code the Rest Of the Pink Piano Keys and applying the custom styles

8. 8 Code the Style for the First Set of Text Views that will go about as a mark

9. 9 Code and Apply Style on TextViews

10. 10 Code the Style for Rest of Text Views for Piano Keys that goes about as a Label

11. 11 It’s Time to Code the Custom Style for the Black Piano Keys

12. 12 Code the Main Selector document Of Black Piano Keys

13. 13 Applying Custom Style On Black Piano Keys

14. 14 Fixing Bug and Furthermore Implement the Black Piano Keys

Area 3: 3 It’s Time to Code the Piano App

15. 15 Create and Initialize all Views Inside the MainActivity

16. 16 Declare and Initialize Variables of TextViews

17. 17 Difference Between MIDI Driver and Audio File Edited

18. 18 Lectures to Show the Difference Between OnTouchListener and OnClickListener

19. 19 Add OnclickListener to TextViews and Buttons

20. 20 Which is ideal to Play Sound in Android

21. 21 Demo application to show the Concept of Using SoundPool Instead MediaPlayer

22. 22 Add the code to Play the Piano Note by utilizing SoundPool

23. 23 Add More Functionality to Piano App

24. 24 Add Buttons to the Layout of Piano App

25. 25 Initialize all catches and add Left or Right Navigation Functionality

26. 26 Now it’s Time to Check for Run Time Permissions

27. 27 Add Record Audio Functionality to the Piano application

28. 27 Lecture Part 2 fixing a few issues inside the MainActivity

29. 28 It’s an ideal opportunity to Code the Record Audio Functionality

30. 29 Continuing the Recording Functionality Code of the Piano App

31. 30 Design Layouts for the Play Audio Functionality in Piano App

32. 31 Drawable Resource documents for PlayingActivity

33. 32 It’s Time to Code the PlayingActivity to add the playing usefulness

34. 33 Design the Splash Screen for Piano App

35. 34 Specify the Animation Code for the Splash Screen

36. 35 It’s an ideal opportunity to code the Splash Screen

37. 36 Let’s Do Some Improvements in Piano App Edited

38. 37 It’s an ideal opportunity to deal with the back press button

Area 4: 4 Improving App By Fixing Some Issues

39. 38 Fixing Some issues of the application

Area 5: 5 Final Conclusion

40. 39 Final Conclusion

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Teacher of this free Piano App Development Course:

Vijay Kumar

Originator of Dino Code Academy YouTube Channel

I am a self-trained Android application designer and a software engineer with more than five years of involvement with various programming dialects. I love to share information on the grounds that as I would like to think sharing information is the most ideal approach to get information. With a four-year college education in BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) from Punjab University.

I am energetic about showing individuals Android App development. Showing them the genuine rationale of making astonishing android Applications or games. I will probably show you and make’s you agreeable with the goal that you can bring in cash through Applications.

So Udemy allowed me the chance to communicate my energy for Android Apps improvement.

So enroll now this free Piano App Development Course and create your own app.

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