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About this free Logo Design:

Enroll this free of cost Logo Design Course from start to finish and get familiar with each part of a logo configuration project from the underlying gathering with the customer, the specialized plan and finish.

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Expertise level: All Levels

Understudies: 32319

Dialects: English

Subtitles: Yes

Talks: 40

Video: 5.5 all out hours

Description of this free Logo Design course:


Hey tell me Have you ever had a customer ask you “Would you be able to DESIGN A LOGO FOR ME?” Logo Design is typically the Gateway that will lead into any remaining kinds of plan for a customer. When you plan a logo that the customer is excited with, it’s practically a given that they will allow you to plan their business cards, pamphlets, sites, and so forth This course will cover a wide assortment of points including:

Customer Interaction:

Logo plan data sheet

Step-by-step instructions to get customers

Setting up your gathering

The customer meeting

Valuing a marking bundle

Task proposition/contract

Task Research:

Psyche Mapping

Thinking of thoughts

Instructions to take a screen capture

Portraying out thoughts

Books with motivation

Online motivation

Building Your Logo:

Making a NEW CLIENT envelope

Setting up your report

Type device rudiments and impacts

Upgrading with inclinations

Discovering and introducing free text styles

The pathfinder instruments

Settling Your Logo:

Saving a full marking bundle

Sending out components for web and print

Delineating/Expanding components

Refining with the pathfinder

Sending drafts/verifications

Getting last installment


Broadened variants of each new Professional Logo plan from YouTube arrangement

Reward video instructional exercise of an extra logo.

Correspondence with customer.

A perspective on my whole canvas of thoughts and portrayals.

Downloadable vector record of the logo in this instructional exercise.

The full settled marking bundle.


What you’ll realize in this free Logo Design course:

A bit by bit free course to assist you with improving as a Graphic Designer

Help you land that next work and bring in some cash

Comprehend the whole logo configuration measure

Make a coordinated arrangement of craftsmanship sheets known as your marking bundle

More than 3 hours of profoundly instructive substance

Complete your first marking project for yourself or a customer

Are there any course necessities or requirements?

Adobe Illustrator CS4, CS5 or CS6. You can download a demo at

A Mac or PC Computer

Who this free Design course is for:

Visual Designers who are hoping to get to that next level, feel more certain and bring in some cash

Content of this free Logo Design course:

Area 1: Introduction To This Course

1. Presentation

Area 2: Project Preparation

2. The most effective method to Get Clients

3. Setting Up Your Client Meeting

4. The Client Meeting

5. Estimating A Branding Package

6. Logo Design Information Sheet

7. Working out a Graphic Design Proposal

8. Visual communication Contract

Area 3: Gathering Resources For Project/Preparation

9. Logo Design Categories

10. Brain Mapping For Ideas

11. Thinking of Ideas/Researching

12. The most effective method to Take A Screenshot

13. Drawing Out Ideas

Segment 4: Using Adobe Illustrator To Build Your Project

14. Making A NEW CLIENT Folder

15. Setting Up A New Document With Artboards

16. Essentials On The Type Tool

17. Progressed Type Effects

18. Upgrading With Gradients

19. Discovering and Installing Free Fonts

20. The Pathfinder Tools

Area 5: Finalizing Your Logo Project

21. Concluding/Refining: Using the pathfinder

22. Finishing/Refining: Outlining Text and Strokes

23. Concluding/Refining: Colors

24. The most effective method to Send A Logo Draft Proof

25. The most effective method to Send A Branding Package Proof

26. Saving a High Resolution Image For Print

27. Saving Elements For The Web

28. Accepting Final Payment

Area 6: Creating A Ficticious Branding Package

29. Your Very Own Brand

Area 7: Course Review

30. Last Review Of The Entire Course

Area 8: Logo Design 1

31. Logo Design 1 — Full Tutorial With Vector File (section 1)

32. Logo Design 1 — Full Tutorial With Vector File (section 2)

33. Explicit Project Details/Drafts/Revisions/Branding Package

34. Reward Logo Design Tutorial

Segment 9: Logo Design 2

35. Logo Design 2 — Full Tutorial With Vector File

36. Explicit Project Details/Drafts/Revisions/Branding Package

37. Reward Logo Design Tutorial

Segment 10: Logo Design 3

38. Logo Design 3 — Full Tutorial With Vector File

39. Explicit Project Details/Drafts/Revisions/Branding Package

40. Reward Logo Design Tutorial

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Educator of this free Logo Design course:

Stephen Looney

Expert Adobe Illustrator Graphic Designer

However long I am an originator, I’ll never work a day in my life, and that is on the grounds that Graphic Design is in my heart, and it is my obsession. My definitive objective is to get you to your fantasies and objectives. The Graphic Design industry has a limitless measure of chances for you to get to those fantasies and objectives. Experience is the best instructor, and you’ll be learning about mine.

I am only a “Regular person” or “Jane”, but since of what I have realized, I am proceeding to assemble a fruitful plan of organization out in Long Island, New York. SML Studios (Dot Com)

I likewise am the website admin at Graphic Designer Tips (Dot Com) and run a YouTube channel with more than 60,000 supporters and over 3.5 Million + video sees.

So guys enroll this free of cost logo design course and learn how you can design a logo for your business or your client business.

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