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About this Amazing Graphs in Excel free course:

Enroll this free Amazing Graphs in Excel course and learn how you can design yourself an attractive and good-looking graphs in Excel and intrigue your chief and collaborators with your wonderful and valuable charts. Track — bit by bit, learn step by step.

By the numbers

Aptitude level: Beginner Level

Understudies: 2399

Dialects: English

Inscriptions: Yes

Talks: 13

Video: 1 all out hour


Portrayal of this free Excel Graph Design Course:

I used to be a bookkeeper and monetary regulator and I made delightful diagrams constantly. The top managerial staff used to think I was a virtuoso, however they are exceptionally simple to do once you know how.

The free course covers:

  • Making the information table
  • We should make our first diagram
  • All the diagram components
  • Why the grid lines are pivotal
  • Rejuvenate with shading


The most effective method to choose and move information

Line outlines, stacked graphs by territory, stacked bar, and pie diagram section 1 — arranging

Pie outline section 2 and connecting information

Trend lines and dissipate diagrams

Combo outlines and the auxiliary pivot

Gantt diagrams


What you’ll realize in this free Excel Graph Design Course:

Instructions to make stunning lovely charts rapidly and without any problem

Are there any course necessities or requirements?

Have essential information on Excel


Who this free course is for:

Learner Excel clients who need to rapidly and effectively produce astonishing, wonderful and helpful charts that will truly dazzle individuals



Substance of this free course:

Segment 1: Welcome to the course

1. Presentation

2. Downloadable bookkeeping page that I make during the course

Segment 2: The Basics

3. Making the information table

4. How about we make our first diagram

5. All the outline components

6. Why the gridlines are critical

7. Rejuvenate with shading

8. Instructions to choose and move information


Segment 3: Putting it into training

9. Line graphs, stacked diagrams by region, stacked bar, and pie outline section 1 — formatt

10. Pie graph section 2 and connecting information

11. Trend lines and disperse diagrams

12. Instructions to add an auxiliary hub in Excel

13. Gantt graphs

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Keith Griggs

Dominate Trainer and Fanatic

I an English and live close to London. I am a certified bookkeeper. Furthermore, I worked for a long time in industry as a Financial Controller and CFO.

I truly love Excel and have been utilizing it practically throughout the day consistently for more than 30 years.

Presently my main goal is to share my insight and enthusiasm for Excel with the goal that others can profit by it as much as I do.

So enroll this free amazing graph design course and design amazing graphics.


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